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Friday, August 04, 2006

I too, work at Innotec, and I am not a pussy...

A few weeks ago, when I was still working on Saturdays, I made my usual post-work stop at Taco Bell for my usual two crunchy tacos fresco style and a bean burrito fresco style. TBell was unusually busy - there were several families in line in front of me. The line was held up even more by the fact that a very large and very loud women was yelling at the women behind the counter that she wanted her to remake her mexican pizza because she hadn't put a lid on it and "a fly could have landed on it or something", and that if the rest of her food got cold while they were remaking her Mexican Pizza, she wanted the rest of her food redone too.

This didn't make me happy for a couple reasons. First of all, flies and bugs and germs are everywhere -the average american swallows between 1 and 2 pounds of bugs a year. It's hard to belive that this woman keeps all the food in her house covered at all times, so it seemed silly to expect TBell to do so. And she was holding up my food order.

But that is exactly the kind of thing I don't do. In fact, I've reguarly gone to that TBell, ordered my stuff Fresco style, and still gotten cheese on it. And instead of complaining, I eat it and leave. I am the opposite of confrontational. I tend to let people walk all over me. In other words, I'm kind of, for want of a better word, a pussy.

This has become apparent to me due to my AC kefluffle. Evidently, when the AC was replaced in my townhouse, they replaced the outside part of the heat pump but not the condenser, and the inside condenser has a different SEER rating than the outside. The result is that the condenser keeps freezing, and then when the ice melts it leaks onto the floor. When I had my new carpet put in, I told them not to put carpet in that hallway. Instead, I have a piece of old carpet padding, which has soaked up a ton of water. My basement is starting to smell rather unpleasant thanks to the standing water, and I don't really use my family room much because I don't like wading through the river that my basement hallway has become.

My reaction has been that fate has dealt me a shitty hand, and that I have to suffer for it. Kind of a modern, air-conditioner plauged Job. I've put off buying a new unit, but figure eventually I'll have to shell out the $1200 or so, dipping into my rapidly-shrinking savings account, to pay for it.

But other people seem to think differently. BSOM's girlfriend, who I found my realtor though - she's a family friend - emailed my realtor and mentioned the AC thing. Now my realtor is going to call me and thinks that I should be able to go after the company that did the AC installation and make them fix it or something. I haven't talked to her yet, and I'm not really looking forward to it, because I know she's going to yell at me for not calling her earlier and remind me of what a pushover loser I am.

But that's pretty much the way I am. I don't really see this as anyone's fault but my own. I guess my housing inspector probably should have done a better job noticing, but I probably should have done a better job inspecting my housing inspector. The sellers should have revealed that the AC was effed, but maybe they didn't know - it was previously a rental, and was listed in March, so the AC probably hadn't been used for a while, and hadn't been used by them for years.

I tend to see bad things that happen to me as my fault, or nobody's fault. I guess other people tend to look at them as someone else's fault, and I guess sometimes they are. But I generally would rather take the blame for something than try to confront someone and tell them that it's their fault.

In other words, a pussy.


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