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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Are you going to a funeral or something?

On Thursday, I had a final presentation for my marketing class. I figured I should dress a little better than usual, so that morning I threw on a green Arrow button down shirt ($3.50 on clearance at Kohl's) tucked into a pair of pinstripe black khaki's ($6.99, Old Navy clearance) and a pair of GBX buckle-top boots (I had a $20 off coupon code to some shoe website a couple years ago) and headed to work.

While I was at work, a number of my coworkers asked me why I was dressed better than usual - one guy even asked me if I was going to a funeral or something.

I guess I tend to forget how badly I normally dress for work. Most days I wear jeans or cords and a polo or buttoned down shirt, untucked, and a pair of "dress" sneakers like 'ROOS or Pony's. During the winter the shirt usually gets swapped for a sweater. Plus, I've lost some weight in the last year or so and haven't gotten around to replacing my wardrobe, so most of my clothing is a little bigger than it should be.

So MadAnthony wearing a tucked-in shirt and shoes that don't have a rubber sole is a rare occurance.

So should I be dressing better? I don't think I need to - colleges are inherently laid-back environments, and many of the professors on campus dress even more casually than I do. Plus, my job often involves running around, crawling under desks, or dragging computers and printers around campus, so it doesn't make sense to wear anything too nice since it's probably going to be dirty, torn, or covered in sweat by the end of the day.

But part of it is that I don't like dressing up. I like to be comfortable, and being dressed casually makes me feel comfortable. I consider the fact that I can get away with it to be one of the perks of my job.


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