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Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Hamfest, another dollar...

Well, on Sunday, bsom, myself, and one of the students who works for me went to the Carroll County tailgate fest in Westminster, MD.

It wasn't as profitable as the last Hamfest I went to - this time I only grossed around $136. However, I didn't have a whole lot of good stuff for sale - I sold a ton of stuff before I moved, and haven't bought much since then, with the exception of $26 worth of cell phone accessories I bought at an auction last week on my lunch break (I sold two chargers for a total of $10, so I only need to sell a couple more to break even on everything I bought, although the chargers already paid for themselves- I paid 17 cents each for the chargers). I did have a few items that I've had no problem selling in the past that didn't this time though, so I think that there was a bad ratio - not enough buyers, too many sellers.

Didn't have too many good stories, although I did have one interesting customer. There was this rather cute girl wandering around - short, brown hair, freckles, with a touch of Asian. I'm a horrible judge of age, so she could have been anywhere from 15 to 25, but probably around 18 or so. She's looking though the stuff I had for sale for a long time, and eventually looks at an iTrip that I had bought at a Goodwill. Then she started talking - this 5 foot high chick has a voice deeper than any dude I know. She wanted to try it out. I let her take it to her car, she came back a while later and said it didn't work. I had tested it with my Nano and knew it powered on, so she brought her iPod - a silver mini - back with her. Turned out she didn't have music playing on the iPod and it won't power on unless there was music playing. So she bought it for $20 - not bad since I paid $6.99 for it, although she did OK too since they normally go for $49.99. After that was done and she left, I kept wondering if I should have tried to introduce myself or find out more about her - although I saw her leaving with her father later, so it's probably just as well I didn't since a)she might have been <18 and b)her father might have kicked my ass.

The truck did pretty well - I hauled a ton of stuff with it. I did leave a few tiny scratches in the bed, though - I really do need to get that bedliner soon. BSOM'S girlfriend's brother got a bedliner from these guys and gave me a coupon, so eventually I need to make my way there - although I'm not looking forward to spending the money. I also need to go cap shopping eventually - I piled stuff in the bed, although I put a tarp over it on the way back since I was stopping for lunch and didn't want people going thru my stuff. But once again, buying stuff costs money and I don't like spending it.

And now, for a couple pics (these were taken with my Minolta Dimage z3, which I bought last year on clearance for $95 from Target. Most of them were taken by Andrew, one of the students who works for our department).

I gotta unpack all this stuff?
Crap for sale. Get your crap.
hey, nice truck
pack it up, pack it in
Dude, where's my street?


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