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Monday, July 10, 2006

So close to being parking-ticket-free...

So I've lived on Eutaw Place for nearly 3 years. Today I move - I have movers coming in 3 hours. One of the things about living in the city is parking regulations - we have street cleaning and you can't park on certain sides of the street on certain days. On Monday, that's on the side that has head-in parking, so you need to snag one of the rare parallel spots on the other side if you plan to be parked there after 8am.

In the three years I've lived here, I've managed to avoid a parking ticket here - I've gotten one or two at work, but never at home. Until today, 12 hours before I'm moving.

I got in late last night from the auction (see post below) and the only spot I could find was all the way near a curb. Went out this morning to grab breakfast, since my coffepot is already packed, and found a ticket on my windshield for $27 for parking within 30' of an intersection, written at 1:26 this morning.

So close.

On a side note, this will probably be my last blog post for the next week or two. My internet connection at the new Casa de Mad doesn't get hooked up until at least next week, plus I have a ten-page paper due in a week and homework for my next class that starts a week from tomorrow.


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