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Monday, July 10, 2006

So, anyone want to buy 68 pairs of ski and snowboard boots?

So, I went to the CMart auction yesterday. Bid on a couple lots, but only won one - a pallet of ski and snowboard boots. About 68 pairs, many of them Alpina, but a few Burtons, Rossengal, Nike, ect. $100, which works out to less than $2 a pair. I figure I can probably list a bunch of them on eBay, although I might wind up dragging a bunch to Play It Again Sports if I don't have luck on eBay. I figure if I can get $5 a pair, I've over doubled my money, and I think there is a good chance I can get more than that - some of them had original retails in the $300-$500 range. And yes, I was able to fit them all in my PT Cruiser. I would love that car, if it didn't break down so damn much.

I made one other purchase, but not at the auction. CMART sells a bunch of furniture, and I was looking around - I had my eye on this giant modern hand-shaped chair, but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money. In my travels, I saw a red leather sectional marked for $100. I asked one of the furniture movers if it was for both pieces, he said yes, and I said I would take it and he said he would grab a sales person. While I was waiting, another customer came up and tried to tell me that it wasn't really $100, that that was just for the one piece and they found the other section and wouldn't sell it to me - but the woman wrote it up, and I went to check out. When I did, the woman operating the cash register had to get a higher-up to show her how to ring the delivery charges, and she looked at the ticket and said "I thought we were going to price that at $350. Oh well whatever".

So I now have most of the furniture I need - and a new project for when my overtime ends, sorting and taking pics of all my ski boots. Hopefully I'll make some money off this...


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