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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Well, last weekend I spent several thousand dollars on something that I don't really care about. In other words, I ordered new carpet for the townhouse that I will be closing on in another 11 days.

I went with beige, because I am boring - and because carpeting (much like paint and how a dryer should vent) is somthing I haven't given much thought to until now. Since I still haven't decided what color I'm painting anything - or even what I'm going to use a couple of the rooms for - I decided to go with something that would go with anything, and that would be a good color if/when it comes time to sell.

The carpet in the house now does really need to be replaced- it's worn, smells bad, and in parts is a rather unappealing shade of poop brown. My realtor negotiated a carpet allowance - which on the initial estimate was almost exactly what the carpet allowance was (and I didn't tell the carpet salesguy how much I had to spend). But of course when they measured, they realized that they had left off a bunch of stuff and raised the price by 25%. So now I actually have to spend "real" money (yes, I know that money is money, but I kind of looked at the carpet allowance money differently anyway) to get something I need but don't really care about.

I'm also still trying to decide how I'm moving - if it's worth the money to pay someone or just to get a friend or two and a u-haul (which I did the last time I moved and did not exactly enjoy). I also have to pick some paint colors, since I need to paint sometime between June 28 when I settle and July 5 when the carpet people come.

Plus I need to do all the other "stuff" - address changes, utilities turn-on, cable cancelation, furniture buying, insurance, ect.

Sometimes it amazes me that anyone manages to buy a house or move. Staying in the same place is so much easier.


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