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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thoughts from NJ....

It's been nice to have some time off to do nothing. Great weather, and a great chance to wear a T-shirt, shorts, and sandels, and sleep in.

Of course, as usual, there is something hanging over my head that cuts down on the fun. Of late, it's been the homework I had to do for my finance class. I kept putting it off, and I've finally given up on it. I'll be very glad when the class is over in another month. I'm not a numbers person, and the class is taught in pretty much a "figure it out yourself" kind of way. So I'm stuck yelling at my computer and thumbing through the textbook.

My mom retired last year and has been spending her time cleaning the house. Lately, that has been my old bedroom. She made me go through a bunch of old clothes and stuff, which isn't exactly my idea of fun - I can't help but wish she would just leave stuff where it is. Granted, my old bedroom looks way cleaner, but it's not like it gets used except for the couple times a year I visit. Plus, I have this fear that she's going to discover something that I don't want her to. I don't know what - I can't think of much in there - but every time she starts a sentance with "I was cleaning and I found..." I wonder if it's going to be porn or drugs or something. Not that I have any porn or drugs in my old bedroom....

There is an OfficeMax by my parents that is going out of business - final two days. I stopped there today and they had a ton of Pre-N network cards for 80% off. I went back home, checked eBay, and found that they went for about 3x what they were selling for, so I bought 5. I was wondering if I should buy more - they had like 20 or more - but I didn't want to tie up a whole bunch of money in network cards. I'm wondering if stuff goes to 90% off on the last day... I should probably swing by on Monday before I drive back to Baltimore. I also bought a VGA Multiplexer for $40 (splits one computer into 8 monitors). I can't figure out if I got taken to the cleaners or the deal of a lifetime - I can't find anything comparable on eBay or Froogle.

I also made copies of a bunch of documents that my dad had for my housing counseling session. A little over two weeks and I can start house shopping in earnest - my group project (which we have yet to start) for Finance is due May 1st, and my session is May 2nd.

So in summation - things good. Could be better, but could be much worse.


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