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Sunday, March 05, 2006

This is the story of a blog, who cried a river and drowned the whole internet

You may be wondering what happened to my blog –why it’s no longer at and why it has moved to It’s a long story. It started two years ago when I registered At the time, I didn’t have any plans to write a blog – I had just discovered that blogs existed, and I was using the domain just for email and hosting images of stuff I was selling on eBay. I had registered it, and was hosting it with Deltaweb, a company based somewhere in the the former Soviet Union, picked mostly because it was $3 a month. Eventually, I started a blog.

Back in November, I got a notice from Deltaweb that my domain would expire in a month. A coworker and good friend of mine had started a domain registration company called GoJimmers, so I figured I’d register thru him. I hit a snag, though. When DeltaWeb registered my domain, they put their email adress in the contact info. When you transfer a domain register, they send an email to the admin contact – which in this case was Delataweb. I emailed Deltaweb and they told me they would change it. They never did. With a few days left before it was due to expire, I registered it thru deltaweb. I figured all was well- I had no reason to think otherwise.
Then one day I went to check my web-based email at work – and got a GoDaddy park page. At this point, my info still showed as the registred owner of the domain. I tried to get the contact info switched so I could transfer it to myself – but then the next day the registered owner changed to a company in Illinois. After a bunch of emails to Deltaweb, they concluded that they had f***ed me over twice – first by not changing the info so the tranfer would go through, and then not alerting me that my registration hadn’t gone thru – BECAUSE THEY HAD F***ING NEVER PROCESSED MY TRANSFER – which would have gone thru if they had put my contact info in.

The company that registered the domain name from out from under me was a company called WebConents. They had a little thing about how they “sometimes accidently buy domain names that were owned by existing people” and that they would sell them back. Right, accident my ass – they are trying to make money off links to stuff that I had written. Still, I would be willing to pay to get my domain name back – after all, was my identity. I can no longer get most of my email, because I used a address for my personal email, and links to stuff I had written were gone. But I emailed and called the domain squatter, and never got a response.

So I’m republishing my blog at which I had registered last year but just had as a redirect. If you have links to my blog or post, please update them. Also, because most of this blog is republished, most of the pics linked in old posts won’t work – they will go to I’m going to try to upload most of the pics to the .net site, so if you change the link from .org to .net, it may show up.

So the lessons I’ve learned – don’t bother switching domain registers – or more importantly, register with a trustworthy company in the first place, one that enters registration info the way it’s supposed to be.
And I want to thank Jimmers of, which I am using for the hosting. When it initially looked like this was simply a tech problem, he spent several hours trying to get the situation straightened out. If you need hosting, check him out.


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