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Saturday, February 11, 2006

There's snow business....

Well, it's snowing in Baltimore. First big snowfall of the year, and of course it's on a weekend. It always seems to snow on weekends, which kills off the one benefit of snow - the occasional paid day off. I work for a college, and sometimes we close for snow. I work overtime on Saturdays, though, which means if we close I don't get paid to not work like I would on a weekday.

Luckily it didn't really start snowing until 1pm or so and I work until 2:30, so I didn't lose any much-needed hours. It wasn't coming down hard or sticking, but I still decided to skip my usual Taco Bell/Target/Office Depot/church/gym errands and went straight home (after getting gas and picking up an early edition of the Baltimore Sun). It didn't really start sticking until 5 or so. It's almost 9pm and it's still coming down, so I might get my wish of a Monday off.

I've already gotten a bunch done - 2 loads of laundry, some cleaning in the basement, and I've got a pot of pasta on the stove right now... which I should probably stir...


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