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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sprint blogging, part 1...

Well, I got my Sprint Phone to beta-test - the first thing of value I've gotten out of this blog. It was apparently delivered some time yesterday, but FedEX did such a good job of hiding it behind a small potted tree on my porch that I didn't notice it when I got back from the gym last night. I'm surprised it wasn't stolen by one neighborhood crackheads.

It's kind of ironic that Sprint sent me this, since I just purchased a Verizon LG VX8100, which is a similar design and has similar features.

I haven't done more than play with it so far, but a few reactions:

-ships with a 32mb TransFlash, which is a nice touch. My VX8100 uses miniSD, but doesn't come with anything.

-Has a very nice display. Like most phones, it has a display on the outside of the phone when it's closed and another on the inside when it's open. The displays are super clear - better than any other phone I've ever seen. But then again, Samsung makes LCD's, so it's not surprising their phones would have good LCD's.

-comes with a bunch of accessories - in addition to the TransFlash card and adapter, it also came with headphones and a USB to phone cable. Every other phone I've ever owned, including the VX8100, comes with a phone and charger and that's it.

I haven't tried out the music store or actually made any calls yet, so that will be coming later. I also intend to take a few pics of the phone, as well as a few pics WITH the phone to try out the camera (and maybe compare it with the camera on the VX8100).


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