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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nice shoes!

A few months back, a coworker noticed I was reading Manolo's Shoe Blog and asked if I was "the gay".

No, I'm not. If I was, I would dress better, and I would probably be into interior decorating, instead of using a folding table as a desk and a plastic box as a printer stand. Also, I wouldn't find women attractive.

But I do tend to collect shoes. I'm not Fat Joe - I don't throw them out once they get a stain - but I do buy a bunch of shoes when I find a good deal. I bought 3 pairs in the last 2 weeks...

The first were these adidias, which were $14 after FatCash on clearance in a Saturday Sale at

Then on Saturday, I was at Kohl's because they had their 70% off all clearance stuff. Most of the clothes were crap, but they also had some shoes on clearance - I got these Reebok classics, which were originally $54.99 for $9.80 and these Axcess by Claiborne loafers that were originally $69.99 for $12.87.

I'm debating if I should keep or eBay the Classics - I don't like wearing all white sneakers, since they get dirty, and they don't really match anything I own. The other shoes are the kind I should be wearing to work - I tend to dress more like a skateboarder than an IT Professional. Right now, I'm actually wearing the afformentioned $14 addidas at work...


At 3:50 PM, Blogger Muneer said...

Realtors don't usually take shoes as a valid payment form. Neither do furniture stores.


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