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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Doing stuff, and getting nowhere...

Well, since I got in early last night and didn't go anywhere today because of the snow, I got a lot done around the house. But I wouldn't say I got a lot accomplished. And I just got an email from that the college I work at is opening at 10am - enough time to enjoy an extra cup of coffee and a few minutes of sleep, but not enough to do anything.

Most of the stuff I got done is the kind of stuff that always needs to be done - washed dishes, did laundry, pre-packed and weighed ebay merchandise for the 10 auctions I have ending this week. It's the kind of stuff that never ends. You wash dishes, and a few days later you have a sink full of dishes. Which I never understand, since I don't cook much. It's kind of depressing how much of our lives we spend doing the kind of stuff that we don't really like doing, but have to do lest we wallow in our own filth.

And speaking of wallowing in filth, I also did a little cleaning in my room, sorted some stuff in the basement, and finally poked around my "closet of death." If you looked at my room, you probably wouldn't consider it clean. In fact, if the Baltimore City housing inspector came by again, she would probably issue me another summons. But it's a little more organized than it was before, and once I get some stuff eBayed, I'll have some more space.

Still, I work best under pressure, and I don't think I'll have the motivation to actually clean and throw away a bunch of stuff until I actually buy a house and move. Of course, that would involve me actually, you know, going out and looking at houses and stuff.


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