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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why you should always call and complain..

I recently switched from Nextel to Verizion, and did the whole port your number thing. I switched about 5 days before the end date on my contract, and assumed that it would just finish out my contract.

Nope. Got a $219 bill from Nextel for early termination. I guess I should have looked at the specifics before I switched, but alas.

So I finally called them up today, pointing out that my bill showed that I had paid until the 8th (my contract end date). CSR looked, noticed that they never credit me for the days at the end of the contract, said she would see if she could get authorization to remove the charge. Came back on about 2 minutes later and said she had gotten the charge withdrawn and I now had a zero balance.

Score. Saved $200 by spending about 10 minutes on the phone. Which works out to like $1200/hour.


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