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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Party time!

Well, about 3 hours ago I finished my Leadership and Management final, which makes me officially done with the semester - I had a presentation in my international MIS class yesterday.

So now it's time to celebrate.

This semester has been busy for me, and I'm not sure why. I took 2 three-credit classes, but I took that many in the spring and don't rember being this busy, and I don't think this semester's were significantly more difficult.

I think I did OK on the test - there were some questions that made me go "huh?" though.

I'm only taking one class next semester, as there are a additional things I want to focus on - starting house shopping, getting back on my diet, ect. But I have over a month until class starts again, which will hopefully give me some time to clean up my room and sell off a bunch of stuff on eBay - in other words, all the things I've neglected the last 4 months.

Back to drinking. I wonder what will make me puke first - the eggnog or the rum in it?


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