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Sunday, December 18, 2005

MadAnthony tries to score an XBOX 360, fails...

So today Best Buy is putting a limited number of XBOX 360's up for sale. I wouldn't mind getting one to flip on eBay, but I didn't really want to camp out all night for one. So I figured I'd try a different stragagy.

There is a new Best Buy that opened in the Inner Harbor here in Baltimore - on Pratt Steet accross from HarborPlace (or as my landlord likes to call it, HorriblePlace). It's not too far from me, so i decided to go to bed early, get up around 3AM, and see how the line looked.

Got there around 3:20 and easily found a spot on Pratt street. Looked up and saw people sleeping on the second-floor landing - the Best Buy is on the third floor. Walked up the escalator and there were way more people in the front. According to one of the people in line, there were 37 people there. The leaked BB allocation for #1054 was 24.

Oh well, turned around and went back home. Now I'm debating if I should stay up or go back to sleep - after all, CompUSA opens at 8am, and there are also looks like BB might be putting some XBoxes online.


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