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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The king of bad timing...

I ended up staying up after my aborted Best Buy trip this morning. There were a couple small things I wanted at Compusa, which opens at 8. There were also rumors that BB.COM was going to have some xbox 360's available online..

So I kept hitting refresh, but decided around 7:30 to go to Compusa.

So of course, the 360 went online at 7:45 AM and I missed it.

Then again, the odds of me having been in front of the pc when they went online even if I'd stayed home were small, and I really should be keeping my credit card empty(er), and there is no guarentee I would have been able to make a profit on eBay and wouldn't have gotten ripped off by some scammer.

I know, I'm rationalizing. Those grapes are probably sour.


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