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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just Chillin'

I should be updating this blog with deep insights on FISA warrants, wiretaps, and other deep thoughts. But I'm not. And won't. I'm in NJ now - I drove up Christmas Eve, and will be returning to Maryland on January 2nd. So far, I've been eating lots of good home cooking, including a bunch of Christmas cookies, and trying to spend some time on the treadmill in my parent's basement to work off said Christmas cookies. I've also been doing some reading - I just finished The Undercover Economist and am currently trying to chew through Home Buying for Dummies. I also reinstalled Windows on my mom's laptop and installed my old scanner on her desktop. And slept. A lot.

I'm meeting an old roomate in Philly tomorrow, so that should be fun. Part of me feels kinda bad that I'm doing nothing when I should be in Baltimore cleaning my room, writing eBay descriptions, and prepping stuff to sell at the Glen Burnie Hamfest. But I don't see my family much, and spending a week with them in NJ helps me avoid the guilt trips, especially since I probably won't see them again until Easter. And sometimes it's nice to sleep until 10, and then BS with the 'rents over coffee for a couple hours.


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