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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I hate cars...

I think I may have mentioned earlier that I now have a speedometer and gas gauge like a normal person. I left the car with the dealer near my parents in NJ for a week before Thanksgiving break. End result - bad gauge cluster, which cost over $500 to replace. Service manager at the dealership told me that he's "never seen one of those burn out on a PT Cruiser before". Lucky me.

So I'm driving to our grad center this morning for a group paper (which we spent 6 hours on and still isn't perfect, and I don't think any of us are real happy with) and notice that the "air bag" light on my dash is on. It's been going on and off all day while I'm driving, complete with annoying ding. It's been NINE FREAKIN' DAYS since I picked the car up from the dealership and IT'S ALREADY F'ED UP! I might as well just start flushing my money down the drain. I think the electrical system on this car has some major issues - the sensor that makes the "check engine light" come on burned out 2 years ago - luckily, the car was still under warrenty then.

I've long been a Mopar fan, but I think my next car is going to be a Honda or Toyota.
And I long for the quality build construction of my K-Car - sure, it had problems, but it was also 12 years old and had 100,000 miles.


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