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Friday, December 30, 2005

But officer, you aren't in the right state...

So I'm driving to Philly from my parent's house in New Jersey. I'm on 95 South in PA, around exit 40 or so. I'm in the right lane, and notice a merge ahead, so I move into the left lane. I'm driving maybe 65 or 70 in a 55. I pass a couple cars, and then look in my rearview mirror to see that most fearsome of sights - a crown vic with a light bar and cattle catcher right on my bumper. Luckily, the lights were not on. So I squeeze into a spot and let him pass.

That's when I look at the side of the cop car as it sped by, probably doing 80 or 90. It was a state trooper. A New Jersey state trooper.

Jerk. I wonder if he's been driving through Virgina recently.


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