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Monday, November 21, 2005

I have to wash my hair.. I mean, I work for

Via InstaPundit comes this article about a guy who is suing claiming that the date he got off the site was a shill who worked for He says he found out when she told him.

Now, it's hard to believe would pay someone to date a loser just to keep them from cancelling a subscription- it seems like it would cost more than just losing the subscription. But I'm thinking if you are a girl who is very disappointed with your date, telling them that you work for might be a good way to get out of the date - at least if you don't have a rescue ring set up.

Personally, I've never used an online dating service. I keep saying I will eventually post an ad and give it a try, as I know several people who have met their significant others online. But lack of free time, self-doubt, inability to write a decent ad, fear of rejection, my unphotogenic apperance, cheapness, and total lack of social skills have made me decide to stick with the crushing lonelyness of my single life.


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