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Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday 2005...

I have to say I was kind of disappointed with Black Friday this year - there was not nearly as much on sale as in previous years, and there were way more people at the stores. I wasn't able to get a couple of the items I wanted from stores where I haven't had a problem in the past getting what I want.

But I still got a bunch of stuff cheap. Got all the rebate forms filled out. Now I can relax and eat a nice leftover turkey and stuffing sandwich - before I start my homework.

My schedule:

Circuit City
Arrived 4:20 am. store opened 5. Out by 5:40

Samsonite camcorder bag - FAR
Samsonite camera bag - FAR
Ipod mini case - FAR
Sandisk 512 sd card - 9.99 AR
Discwasher cd cleaner - FAR
monitor cleaner thing - FAR

Arived 5:40. store opened at 6. out by 7:00

Calculator - FAR
Sandisk 512 sd - $15 AR
playo dvd-r 50 pack 2.99AR
Netgear g router/card $29.99AR
Maxtor 200 gig hd - 29.99AR
universal remote FAR

stopped by radio shack looking for the bluetooth headset and wireless keyboard. Didn't have either. Did run into a guy I went to high school with who now works there...

stopped by dunkin donuts, stopped to get gas, stopped at the 'rents to drink my coffee and pee, then back out the door.

Coconuts -
Fuji CD-R 50 pack $2.99AR

I went into OfficeMax. Found two of the three items I wanted, but then looked at the lines to check out and realized I didn't want them that badly, and left empty-handed.

Ace Hardware

palm sander - FAR
Stanley crowbar $1.99 AR
chistmas lights - FAR

Back home by 9.


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