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Monday, November 07, 2005

Adventures in shopping

I usually have some time to kill on Saturdays after work, and since I'm in Timonium, which seems to have one of every major store in the world, I go shopping.

So my first stop is Target, to load up on 75% off candy and poke around the clearance items. Target keeps clearance stuff on the endcaps of isles, on the side near the wall, so I usually shop around the edges. I'm taking a quick spin through men's clothing and run a women coming out of one of the isles nearly hits me. I wait for her to go, but she motions for me to go, and I do.

So I finish my shopping and head to the checkout. Target has two rows of cash registers. I spot one with a short line, and go for it, walking vertically past a bunch. I get in line and hear a voice behind me go "geeze, you keep cutting me off". It was the women from menswear. I get out of line to go to another register, and she goes "No, you can stay in line". I mumbled "that's OK" and got in another line.

Yes, I know, I'm a pushover. I should have just ignored her, and figured she was joking. I get jokes -when they are from people I know. I don't expect people in Target to deliver me sarcastic comments, and since there isn't any context from people I don't know, I tend to take them at face value. Personally, I'd prefer not to interact with random people at target - I just want to buy my stuff, check out, and leave. Which I guess is because I'm an antisocial loner.

I then went to Old Navy. I've found myself in the position of having to buy new pants on a regular basis, thanks to my shrinking waistline. They had a bunch of stuff on clearance, and I had a 10% off coupon for doing a survey the last time I went to an Old Navy. Found a bunch of stuff on clearance:

-pair of jeans for $14.50
-pair of pants for $6.97 (one size too small, but hopefully I'll lose enough weight to fit into them someday)
-trendy pinstripe jacket for $14.97
-cord hat for $1.97

I had to point out that the pants scanned at the wrong price.

I then paid with my Amex, and she looks at the card, goes "can I see some ID, the signiture is rubbed off?". I show her my license, and she does a double take - probably because I had brown hair in the picture on my license and was about 40 pounds heavier. I mention that I bleached my hair, and she completes the transaction.

I guess I should be glad they are concerned about credit card theft. But what kind of credit card thief would buy only stuff on clearance and use a coupon?



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