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Monday, October 31, 2005

NYT confirms: women will never be happy with your car..

Via Thurdsday's Best of the Web comes this article in the New York Times confirming what you've always suspected - women are evil. If you drive a nice car, they will assume that you are a greedy materialistic bastard who is "compensating" for something, while if you drive a crappy car they will assume that you are a poor slob who can't afford a decent car.

Of course, this isn't exactly news - it just confirms what you've always suspected, that women are often a little nuts. But it's in the New York Times, so it must be news, and it must be true.

On the plus side, I can always blame the horrible bomb that is my social life not on my lack of personality or poor people skills, but rather on my car.


At 6:30 PM, Blogger Muneer said...

Well, at least your girlfriend will not be able to tell how slow you are going or that you have any gas in your car. =)


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