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Thursday, October 06, 2005

More thoughts on Miers...

Lileks doesn't seem to concerned over the Miers nomination.

Or perhaps she’s not squishy. Perhaps Bush knows and trusts Miers to reflect his philosophy, and thinks this is the right choice despite what the headlines of the day happen to say. A wildly implausible idea! But it could be true.

Miers may be the ultimate steath nominee. I doubt the dems will fight her, because so far most of the complaints have been from the right. I realized this yesterday when I was watching the 5 o'clock news on WB11 while at the gym. They were running quotes from bloggers who didn't like Miers. But they weren't the lefty bloggers you would expect to be opposed to a Bush nominee - they were National Review's The Corner and

So if the right hates her, then the left should love her - or at least not be opposed to her too much. And Bush knows her pretty darn well, so it's hard to imagine she's going to be too far to the left.

Maybe this was Bush ignoring his hard-right conservative base and appointing a political crony. Or maybe this is a crafty Carl Rove -inspired move to sneak a fairly conservative judge on the supreme court with a minimum of fuss from the left, who would Bork any conservative candidate foolish enough to have committed to conservative views on paper. Given the previous sucess of Rove stratagies, I'm betting on the latter....


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