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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mmm, hamfest, part 2...

On Sunday, I journeyed to scenic howard county with bsom and his girlfriend's brother for CARAFest Hamfest. (a student who works with us was supposed to go with us, but neglected to wake up).

My purchases were pretty limited. I bought:

-a $10 Compaq server keyboard with integrated trackball (which appeared new and was bubble wrapped). I like these because I can sit with it on my lap and not have to reach over to use a mouse. I had one I bough off ebay a couple years back that cost me $25 and was not in as good condition, and the last hamfest I went to had a guy selling one for $40, so I thought it was a heck of a deal.

-a $1 Toshiba floppy drive for a laptop (which appears to be broken, but had the cable

-a $1 New Hampshire license plate (what can I say, I'm a sucker for the "live free or die" motto. What do you expect from a borderline libertarian?)

By the time we got done browsing, it was near lunchtime. BSOM is a huge fan of Lotte, an asian supermarket (almost a department store, complete with food court) in Ellicott City, and has talked about it a bunch, so we figured this was good time to check it out. We got lunch there - which took forever, but was really good. Ugly American that I am, I found the thing that looked the closest to my old Chinese food standby, General Tso's chicken - which they called Garlic Chicken. It was really good - crispy, and spicy without being overpowering, and the portions were huge. It was a little odd being the only group of non-asians in the place (there were a surprising number of interracial couples composed of Asian women and white guys, though).

I then proceeded to drag the group to Target, office depot, staples, and compusa so I could poke thru their clearance sections.

BSOM and I are planning on going to Mason-Dixon Hamfest at the end of the month to sell some of the random crap that's around our respective homes. I figure it's a good chance to unload some of the stuff that is too big to be worth selling on eBay.


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