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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The internet proves that it rocks once again...

As I tend to mention frequently on this blog, I'm taking MBA classes at night in an effort to become the most overeducated helpdesk lackey around (free tuition being one of the perks of working for a college - that and being surrounded by attractive coeds who would report me to HR and get me fired if I tried to ask them out).

I'm planning on just taking one class next year, because I'm lazy and this whole taking two classes/working 6 days a week/running an ebay business thing is cutting into my naptime. Plus, I'm hoping to buy a house in the first 6 months of '06, so only taking one class will give me plenty of time to look at houses that I either want but can't afford or can afford but don't want because they are in need of the kind of renovations that can only be done with a bulldozer.

Anyway, there are two professors teaching the class I want, one at each grad center. I remember talking to a coworker who is also taking classes, and him mentioning one prof over the other, but I decide to go to good old and see what they say.

Check the first professor and find:

If you get him, get a gun and blow your brains out! Complete waste of time, doesn't teach, loves himself, extremely stubborn.

Other comments include "waste of $1500", "waste of $1200" (guess tuition prices really have gone up), and "I think I actually knew less about the subject after this class than before I took it".

The other guy isn't even listed, but I figure that probably just means that nobody thought he was bad enough to bother complaining about.

Ahh, the power of the internet - helping people make decisions.


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