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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I bought my mom a Christmas present and promptly broke it...

I was in Target yesterday, checking to see if there was anything good on clearance that I could resell on eBay for extra income (there wasn't). While checking the endcaps of kitchen and small appliances (I have a habit of buying nifty electronic kitchen devices that I never, ever use) I stumbled on a cheesy bit of kitchen ornemenation - a sterotypical Italian chef holding a blackboard and rocking a mustache and kitchen whites. It was tacky - exactly the kind of thing my mom would love - seeing that she enjoys cooking and is half-Italian. It was also 50% off.

So I bought it, and as I'm getting ready to put everything in the car, I decide to compact everything into the plastic Rubbermaid storage box I had bought. I put it in the box, and CRACK - the head pops off. Which is bad, since it's a statue and not one of those cookie jars where the head is supposed to come off.

I tend to break stuff, but breaking something within seconds of leaving the store, before it's even in my car, is a record for me. I have some crazy gle around, so at some point I'll try to reattach it. (Can we fix him? Do we have the technology


BTW, I also bought a couple cheesy tee shirts, because they were $3 each. One is a Tab shirt, and the other is this one:


I wore it to the gym today, because I thought it would be ironic. Like rain on your wedding day ironic.


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