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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Are they afraid of the man of Steele?

Protein Wisdom, among other blogs, have been linking this rather offensive post on Steele's pursuit of a senate seat.

It includes this statement:
And if he thinks he can win Baltimore and the DC suburbs, he's on crack. Black people will not only not vote for him, but regard him with contempt.

I doubt that anyone, right or left, dem or repub, expects Steele to "win" Baltimore or PG county. But I expect that he will pick up some votes in both places, votes that he may not have gotten if he was white. And any votes he picks up from those places may be enough to let him win when combined with votes from the rest of the state.

And I don't think all blacks will hold him in contempt for having a different view as him.

As far as the country club thing that Steve alludes to, it was one of those blown-out-of-proportion kerfluffles. While the Elkridge country club doesn't have any black members, they claim it's not intentional or a policy. And I would guess that there aren't a whole lot of members of my background either (Italian/Polish/Catholic). And of course, there were also Dems who held fundraisers there.

My guess is that Dems are starting to worrry that a moderate, black Republican could be enough to put Steele over the edge in a state that is normally VERY pro-democrat. (How pro-democrat? My choices for city council last year were a Dem or a Green - no Republican even ran). And that scares them, so they are attacking.

I say bring it on.


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