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Friday, September 02, 2005

Thanks a lot, US Postal service..

I just sold a bunch of textbooks on One of them just came back to me as "no such number". I checked my info and I did screw up the address - by one number.

Now, I know I'm a moron and I shouldn't have fat-fingered the number. Luckily, I shipped it priority when the buyer was only expecting media mail, so I have time to resend it. But I have trouble believing that the postal service couldn't figure out that it was for the guy next door, and I'm going to be out $7.70 to reship it.

But what really annoys me is that I printed out the label on USPS's click-n-ship service, which is usually pretty good about telling you an address doesn't exist - in fact, it's told me addresses don't exist, I've either printed labels via PayPal or hand-lettered them, and they have gotten there fine. But this address, despite not existing, managed to get assigned a ZIP+4 by good old USPS.

I thought zip+4's only came for addresses that exist...


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