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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The revolution will be carried in chain stores...

I was reading GlobalCop's DC War Rally coverage and decided to check out his link to the wiki entry for the Socialism and Liberation Party, which apparently rolled deep at the rally, since they represent mainstream America so well.

Reading the wiki entry, I noticed one of their offices was in Baltimore, so I had to check out their website. Not shockingly, their Baltimore office is not too far from Johns Hopkins University.

I also noticed they had a link to the "socialism and liberation magazine retail store locator". I had to give it a try, since there are very few places you see the words "retail" and "socialism" in the same sentence. It revealed two interesting things - there are no Socialism and Liberation sellers in Baltimore - you have to go to Virgina, Cumberland MD, or DC to get caught buying a copy. And two of the 5 closest sellers (in DC and VA) are Borders bookstores.

Yup, Borders. You know, big huge heartless chain of bookstores that's stamping out all those mom-and-pop bookstores with it's evil tacticts. Borders, whose stores are usually found in the huge strip malls that are supposedly destroying the inner city. Borders, who at one point was owned by that great example of socialist thought, K-Mart. (well, most K-Marts I've been in have been pretty dreary, but not quite communist-russia dreary).

Yet it's Borders, not some mom-and-pop city bookstore, that will sell you a copy of socialism digest. I think that speaks volumes of capitalists - they will do anything to make a buck, even sell propaganda that calls for their own abolishment. (It also suggests that Borders management doesn't really take socialism and liberation seriously, and is not expecting the revolution to be forthcoming). What it says to Socialist who are willing to let Borders sell their mag I'm not quite sure...


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