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Friday, September 23, 2005

Mommy, what's a c**t?

I was driving home a couple days ago and crossing the bridge over Cold Spring Lane to get on I-83 to head home. I noticed what looked like a large flattened cardboard box leaning against the chain link on the top of the bridge. I didn't think much of it, although it wasn't a windy enough day for the wind to be holding it there.

As I drove around the entrance ramp and drove under the bridge, I realized it was in fact a sign - orange spray-painted letters on a white background, containing a political message - "George Bush is a C**t" (the edited version is a crude word for the female anatomy, which was not edited on the sign).

Nice to see the level of political debate in Baltimore is so high...

Now, I realize that most signs on bridges are not placed there by the smartest of people, that this sign does not represent the way most people who don't like Bush would sum up there opinions, ect.

But it was sad that anyone would think putting up this sign was a good idea - and I wonder how many people got a smile out of it, instead of feeling really angry like I did. What did the sign hanger hope to accomplish? Did they think a Republican or centrist might be driving down 83, and after seeing the brilliant argument on the sign decide to become a loyal Democrat (or socialist or whatever)?

And did it occur to them that there are certain words that you shouldn't use in public, no matter how angry you are? That there are some people, maybe even people who agree with you, who are offended by that word, or who don't want their kids to see that word and start using it or asking what it means?

I also wonder how long it lasted - I saw it Tuesday, and didn't go that way Wednesday or Thursday. When I drove by today (Friday) it had been partly ripped down but parts of it were still hanging. Wonder if it would have been up a shorter amount of time if it expressed it's "opinion" about a different politician.


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