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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Tomorrow is D-day. Tomorrow is the day that any pretense of me having any kind of life outside of work comes to an end for 2 weeks or so.

It's a day known as move-in day. It's the first day of college for 800 freshmen at the college I work for. It's the day that 800 students want to connect their virus-infected laptops to our resident hall network, and when they don't work they call me and my coworkers. And yell.

Mad Anthony needs money, because he wants to buy a house and the price of houses is rising faster than his ability to save. Ergo, Mad Anthony has volunteered to work all three days during which the college is officially closed (Saturday/Sunday/Monday). And I have luckily managed to retain my Saturday overtime at our grad center, so I will be working for 15 days straight without a day off, from last Monday to next Saturday.

Student calls are always the worst - there are so many things that can go wrong with a personal computer, and unlike school-owned computers we can't remote control them, send a tech out to look at them, or push software out to them. And students tend to have a shorter fuse than adults. And the next few days will be nothing but student calls.

I'm also taking 6 credits next semester. Luckily, because I'm taking a Monday and a Tuesday class, I don't start class until September 12th - so once the craziness at work starts to die down, the craziness of class starts up.

And I still haven't had a chance to get my car fixed, so I still have no gas gauge or speedometer.

Well, at least things will be interesting. But if you don't see a whole lot of posts here, that's why.

And I guess I shouldn't complain - there are a whole bunch of Katrina victims who have much bigger problems than a busy schedule and a tempermental Chrysler. Consider donating to a group like the Salvation Army - even I threw them a couple bucks, and I'm the world's cheapest person. Amazon is collecting Red Cross donations - a great example of the power of ecommerce.

I've often felt that the impact of ecommerce is understated, and the Tsunami and Katrina donations provide an example of this. I think a lot of people, myself included, are willing to donate because it's easy, and might not have bothered if they had to cut a physical check and mail it.


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