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Friday, August 19, 2005


Had a test last night in my "Information Systems for Managment" MBA class. Tougher than I expected, considering I work in IT and was an MIS major for my undergrad. I think what made it tough is that many of the questions were so broad, of the "how has the internet changed business" variety, that I couldn't focus, because I could BS for hours on that.

The worst part is it was written. My thumb is still killing me - I write so infrequently that I've forgotten how to write. I had such a tight grip around where my thumb tucks into my finger around the pen that it's sore from squeezing. And I actually ran out of ink at one point. I have no idea what the grade will be, because I'm not sure how the prof is going to score it.

So I feel crazy tired this morning. And my coffee pot broke on me (why does everything electrical seem to be crapping out on me), forcing me to stop at the evergreen on my way. The large French Roast doesn't seem to be helping (and I managed to spill it everywhere - I need to remember to ask for room for cream next time), and The Evergreen always makes me feel like a square among it's hip, trendy inhabitants.

I hope I make it thru this day. It's going to be a busy weekend - I'm probably going to have to work tomorrow at our satellite campus north of Baltimore until 3:30 (it looks like I'll get another week or two of overtime before it goes away, because nobody wants to work Saturdays for no additional pay - shocking!), and my group is meeting at 4pm in Columbia (way south of Baltimore) for a presentation. We're also meeting Sunday. Throw in my usual weekend stuff (gym, weekly call to the parents, ect) and I will hardly have time to eat.

The only good thing is I do have another coffeepot sitting in my closet thanks to one of those Gevalia deals. Call it a RAIC - a redundant array of inexpensive coffeepots.


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