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Friday, August 26, 2005

I suddenly became a great driver...

I complained about all the stuff that went wrong on my birthday, but it looks like being 25 does have one major advantage - way lower car insurance.

I got my car insurance bill today. People are always surpriesed by how much I was paying for insurance - nearly $350 a month, over $4000 a year - despite the fact that I drive a four year old Chrysler, haven't gotten a speeding ticket since 2000, and have no at-fault accidents.

But I got my car insurance bill today and it went down - by over $100. And it's retroactive, so I owe practically nothing this month, since I overpaid last month.

I don't have a formal budget, but I keep track of it in my head - and my montly budget now has an extra $100-something a month to play with...

Of course, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm not a better driver than I was 3 weeks ago. I am a better driver than I was at 17, true, but I don't think my driving has changed greatly in the last couple years. I can't help wonder why insurance companies don't reduce rates a little each year instead of a sharp drive at 25.

Now I just need to get married. Then my insurance would really go down. Of course, that would require a girl to actually, you know, talk to me.


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