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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Caught crabs at work...

Baltimore has jumped on the "oddly painted giant fiberglass structures around town" bandwagon with it's CrabTown project. Basically, a bunch of artists get sponsored to paint a bunch of giant fiberglass crabs around town, which are then auctioned to raise money for public schools.

The college I work for has sponsored one, which was installed at the corner of Charles and Cold Spring this week. I figured I should get a couple pictures of it before it gets knocked over by a drunk college student or run over by a Baltimore City MTA bus.

the crab

the plaque

and in a change from my usual policy of not posting pics of myself on this blog, Mad Anthony and the crab. (For some reason I look like I'm about 14 in this picture. I'm not. And yes, I wore THAT to work. It's Friday, it's summer, and I've really stopped caring).

(pics taken with my Toshiba PDR-5300, on account of the fact that it fits into my pocket much more easily than the Dimage)


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