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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bats in the bedroom...

I came home from class last night around 10pm. I walked up the stairs to the third floor, rounded the corner... and noticed something flying towards me.

It was a bat. I proceeded to do what I normally do when I see things flying at me - cowered in fear. Meanwhile, my roomate picked up a broom and tried to hit the bat. It then flew into his bedroom, flew around a while, and disappeared. I still don't know if it flew out the window or if it's somewhere around - it hasn't been seen since.

The sad thing is this is the third time I've had some sort of indoor flying animal related event in my life. The first was my freshman year. It was a Saturday morning. I remember waking up and going "holy shit, there's a bird in the room. One of my roomates was able to chase it, catch it in a towel, and bring it downstairs. It turned out that one of our roomates had gone for the weekend, leaving his window open and his screen off.

When I first moved into my current apartment, we also had a bat. We (and when I say we, I mean "not me") were able to get him to fly out the window after prolonged chasing (and after my landlord screaming "I think it's rabid! Look at it's eyes!" about 50 times.

Given my luck with flying animals, I'll have to make a point to bat-proof my house if I ever buy one.


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