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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bacon! It's just what I wanted!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and last week was my friend bsom's birthday. So in honor of said events, we had the traditional gift exchange.

Ok, it's not really traditional. In fact, we skipped it last year. But the year before, we got gifts with an, umm, urban theme. He got me a bottle of Burberry Cologne (in honor of my love of the then-popular Ludacris/Missy joint "gossip folks") and I got him a bottle of Hpnotiq (in honor of his love of the color blue and fruit-flavored sissy drinks).

So this year, I had to ponder what to get him. I settled on 40 ounces of bacon from (in honor of his love of smoked pork products). It is, apparently, Maxim Magazine's top rated gourmet bacon.

And he got me... a 3 pound slab of Virgina bacon, from his trip to Williamsburg VA. Also, a clay pipe, for smoking "Virgina's finest weed" (it says so right on the package).

I guess great minds think alike, or something.


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