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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nice Rack!

I finally got my baker's rack from target assembled. I bought this thing like a month ago, but just got around to putting it together, since the space where I wanted to put it had other stuff that had to be moved/sorted/cleaned. this is the rack on Target's website.

But I'm not using this rack in the kitchen like it was designed for. I'm using it as a work bench/computer holder in my room. I had to make a few changes to accomodate that - the bottom shelf is designed as a wine rack, so I left that off and used the middle shelf on the bottom. I also left the pot rack on the back off, because I couldn't get a monitor to fit on the rack with it on. I'm kicking myself, because I just ebayed (at a small loss) a 15" LCD that would have fit perfectly, thinking I would never have a use for it. It would have worked perfectly for this.

But anyway, here is the rack in my room.

The funny thing is of the computers on it, only the laptop at the top left works. (I've since added my powerbook, which also works). The eMachine eOne on the left was working, but now refuses to load the KDF GUI, and since my Linux skills are weak, I have no use for a $-prompt or bash or whatever they call it. I want to put a different Linux distro on it anyway - Fedora on a Celeron 466 with 64mb of RAM is painful. The machine on the right is my first computer (that was mine and not shared with the 'rents). It needs a new hard drive, and I have an old one to throw in but haven't gotten around to it and probably won't for a while. It probably needs a new video card as well - it's really dim.

on the bottom are a couple old dead laptops, and a couple boxes of cables, drives, batteries, ect. Power comes from an APC BACK-UPS I got free after rebate a couple years ago and a Staples surge protector. Networking comes from a 5-port GigaFast mini network switch.

I think it looks kind of cool - and it cements my geek cred, although not as much as if it actually held machines that worked.


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

put debian on the emachine.


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