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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Man, I work at an exciting place

I work Saturdays at a satellite campus that the college I work for operates north of Baltimore. I like it - it's overtime, and it's usually pretty quiet.

How quiet? Well, I got the following email a couple days ago from the facility manager about an exciting development at the campus:

Hello Everyone:

We now have a new water cooler in the front office for all faculty, staff and administration to use at (location).

This cooler is line-fed so we don't have to re-fill it and is equipped with an ultraviolet light in the reservoir to keep the filtered water clean. In your leisure, please try either the chilled water or hot water spigots and let me know what you think of the new unit.

We can add a cup dispenser to this unit if we decide to keep it.

Thanks for your feedback.

Ohh, chilled and hot water spigots. And UV light!

On the plus side, they do have a really cool coffeemaker - one of those Flavias that use the little aluminum bag and make a cup at a time. Too bad it only makes like 6 ounces at a time - I drink about 5x that in a Saturday.


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