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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hamfest haul...

Hamfest was fun. I brought my camera, but I didn't take any pics. We actually managed to get there pretty early - I rolled out of my house around 6:20am, picked up Mike at 6:30, BSOM at 6:45, and probably got there around 7:30 or so.

Hamfest is basically a treasure hunt. Loads of stuff that is either pure crap or useless to me, but a few buried treasures. Even looking at the stuff that is crap is kind of fun, since it's a history lesson - much of it is stuff that was high tech in 10 years ago. Plus it was almost worth the price of admission just to see the parking lot full of cars with call numbers license plates and antennas of the size more commonly found on top of TV studios. I think my PT Cruiser developed a case of severe antenna envy.

My haul:

-HP rackmount server managment console - it looks like this. It's designed to be mounted in a server rack- you flip the LCD down and push it into the server rack, and pull it out and flip the lcd out when you want to use it. I paid $80 for it. It seems to go for between $110 and $300 on eBay, although the trackball on this one is missing the ring. Or maybe I'll keep it and build my own server farm...

-Logitech Serial trackball/mouse - $1 - I've started using trackballs - easier on the hand - and it's good to have a spare in case I get angry and throw mine across the room.

BSOM's haul

- Speak and spell $1
- camera viewfinder $2

Mike's haul:

- Palm VII - $10
- Addonics PCMCIA CD-ROM drive $10


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