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Monday, May 30, 2005

Nothing like feeling morally superior to others..

Everyone partakes in a guilty pleasure. No, I'm not talking about the porn stashed away on your hard drive in the folder named "backup data" or your habit of drinking a six of natty boh and passing out in front of the TV (oh wait, those are my habits. Sorry). I'm talking about looking at people who are worse off then you, and getting that feeling of moral superiority from them.

For me, one of those things that always makes me feel a little morally superior is when you hear about really fat people. Not just kinda chunky fat, but can't leave the house half-ton fat people. Like this guy (via OpinionJournal). He weighed over 1000 pounds before surgery that brought him down to 500. He's hoping to get down to 230 - which is a little less than what I started my diet at.

On one hand, it's hard for me to imagine getting that fat. After all, you've got to do a certain amount of moving around, and that makes it hard to gain too much weight. But I guess if I stopped leaving the house, and kept eating, I'd probably get pretty darn fat. But I'm not quite that fat, so I let myself feel good about that, even though I'm probably a few pounds of bacon away from the guy's fate.

Then again, the article also mentions the guy's wife. Yup, the guy at one point weighed over half a ton, but he still has more play with the ladies than Mad Anthony. Now I really feel like a loser...


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