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Saturday, May 14, 2005

No, I don't want to read your email...

I had a call yesterday at work from a woman who claimed she wasn't getting all of her email, and that if she did certain things she would get an error message. I was pretty sure what she was doing was simply clicking on a hyperlink to an invalid email address, but I wanted to verify. So I said that I would remote control her machine and try to reproduce the problem and see what she was talking about.

She then started yelling at me that she didn't want me to read her email, that there must be some other way to troubleshoot it, and she would rather not have the problem fixed than have me read her email. So that's exactly what I did - nothing.

Here's something to remember when calling tech support - we have no desire to read your email. Despite what you may think, I didn't spend four years in college and 2 and half years working in tech support just so I could read your email. What I want to do is fix your problem as quickly as possible, so I can go back to reading my own email.

Two other things to remember: First of all, most organizations' policies state that email is property of the organization. So you don't really have any right or expectation of privacy. Second of all, if we really wanted to read your email or see what's on your network drive, we could, without you knowing. But we don't, because 1)we don't care and 2) we don't want to get fired.

So when IT asks to remote your machine or log into your account, it isn't some evil plot to read your email. We just want to fix your problem.


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