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Friday, May 13, 2005

I'll miss you Dennis Miller...

I was really dissappointed to find out that the Dennis Miller Show goes off the air today. It's pretty much the only political show I watch. It's like the O'Reilly factor without the screaming or Bill's annoying self-richeousness, mixed with the Daily Show minus the annoying liberal slant, mixed with the Capital Gang with more interesting panalists.

Then there is this nasty post on Huffingonton's blog by Evan Smith, who I'm guessing has never watched the show. Ironically, he says that ot even proximity to John McEnroe could make him look good - which is funny since McEnroe's show debuted after, and was cancelled well before Miller's show - so maybe it's that proximity to Miller couldn't save McEnroe.

You hear a lot these days about "South Park Republicans", a catagory I probably fit in to some degree. They are people who are libertarian/small government types, but without the staunch antiwar aspect of the Libertarians, but without the "morality police" aspect of the Religious Right. Miller was pro-war and pro-Bush, but he didn't like every Bush policy or Republican action. He was, for example, pro gay marriage. He also did a really good job of finding people who disagreed with him to put on his "varsity panel" - people like Willie Brown, Sandra Sing Lo, and Al Franken (who was a guest a couple times, but not on the panel). He also had a good mix of conservatives from Cato, the Weekly Standard, the Jewish World Review, and other conservative think tanks and publications, plus various bloggers like Moxie, Mikey Kaus and Cathy Seipp. And he was respectful to his guests and didn't interupt them all the time like, say, Bill O'Reilly.

Guess now I'll just have to read more blogs to get my news and opinion.


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