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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Zero Tolerance Watch...

I'm no James Taranto, but I stumbled on my own stupid example of zero-tolerance policies at schools gone mad - thanks to a promo email from XTZ.

Two students were suspended for 3 days for using a mind-altering drug at school. So what drug? Weed? Crack? Tobacco?

Nope, it's a drug that you probably get for free at the office... good old caffine. The story is here. They brought a bottle of caffinated flavored syrup to school and did a shot. The school thought it was booze, and suspended them. When they realized it wasn't, they decided it was still punished them.

Hmm, I actually have a bottle of this stuff, thanks to ThinkGeek and it's actually sitting in my boss's cube next to the coffeemaker. Didn't realize that my boss put up with drug use...


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