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Monday, April 04, 2005

I don't like what they want from me, it's like the mow money I come upon...

Mark Kirkoran of The National Review is seeing immigration issues in an article about lawn services. The actual article (BugMeNot if you are paranoid) doesn't mention immigration, but it's not a huge leap considering the number of illegal aliens who do yardwork.

But Mark seems to see a problem with this, and I'm not so sure. The biggest complaints about illegal immigration are that it steals jobs from Americans and that illegal immigrants depend on goverment services - but if these guys are working, and they are doing a job that nobody else wants to do, neither of those seems valid. (The other huge, and very valid, complaint about illegal immigration is the security issue of terrorists taking advantage of the ability to enter illegally).

If illegal immigrants want to perform lawn work, and people feel better off paying them, that seems like an ideal capitalist transaction. Illegal immigrants are better off than they would be back in the old country, and homeowners have free time that they would otherwise spend doing yard work, and it doesn't cost them as much.

Right now, Mad Anthony lives in an apartment, so he doesn't have to worry about lawncare. I like to think that when I do buy a house, I will get some exersize and mow my own law. But I am both lazy and busy, so I could see myself hiring help mowing the lawn.


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