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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Some countries are screwed up...

Via Insty comes an article abot Niger. Like the U.S., Niger had a problem with slavery, but passed a law making keeping or owning slaves illegal. Unlike the U.S., Niger's antislavery law was passed in May 2003.

And there are still slaves in Niger - estimated to be 43,000 - yet Niger cancelled a slavery-release ceremony that the government had planned because they decided that "there are no slaves in Niger". (Did Bagdad Bob move to Africa?)

So the next time you hear someone on the left complaining that the U.S. is a horrible, evil, corrupt, imperialist nation owned by business, or someone on the far-right complaining that the U.S. is a den of sin and evil, realize that there are some countries out there that have WAY more serious problems.


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