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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Safety nazis making it harder for me to set stuff on fire...

My apartment has a gas fireplace - not just for decoration, but to heat it. It works pretty well, and it looks neat as well.

However, the lighter function on it is broken. So what I do is hold down the dial that turns on the gas, use one of those long handled aim-n-flame type lighers to light it, and then hold down and turn the dial so it turns on.

For about 2 years, I've used a "Weber" lighter from Target. It finally ran out of fuel (probably because the on button kept sticking and it would take me a while to get the flame to go out), so I pulled out the "coleman" lighter I had purchased to replace it.

Most lighters have a slider on the top and "trigger" on the bottom, so you can't accidently turn it on. It's still pretty easy to do one handed.

Not the Coleman, though. It's got a side switch that you have to press down and hold, while pulling the trigger. It's pretty hard to do one handed, especially since I usually use my left hand to do it while holding the gas dial down with my right hand.

I know they are probably doing this to prevent lawsuits, but it goes a bit far - the safety measures make it hard to use it for what I need it for. I can't imagine I'm the only person who has this problem.

What next, a fireproof lighter that doesn't produce a flame at all?


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