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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Maybe I should have been born a chick...

I did something today that makes me feel really embarassed as a guy. I walked into a shoe store with the intent of buying a pair of sneakers for a specific purpose. I ended up buying a second pair of shoes that I didn't really need.

I stopped by a DSW Shoe Warehouse today before class on a mission. I've started walking in the hopes of losing some weight, and I wanted a cheap pair of walking shoes so I wouldn't have to keep beating up the casual sneakers that I've been wearing.

I found a pair of Addidas walking shoes on clearance for $25 - and they only looked somewhat old man. Bu perusing the clearance section, I found another pair of shoes I liked - a pair of brown Nice skate shoes, which happened to also be clearanced.

I don't need them. I have a perfectly good pair of dress shoes/boots and a couple pairs of sneakers. But they had an interesting combination of sneaker comfort and dress shoe proprietary. Plus, I figured I had already done a lot of damage to my other sneakers by using them for my walking. So I bought them...

I will probably get some use out of them, and they were only $25. I figure if I had bought walking shoes retail, I would have paid as much for them as I did for both. Plus, you know, buying shoes is cheaper than other things I could be splurging on... like heroin.


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