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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Do they want us to put Saddam back in power?

The college I work at has had lots of posters up about a protest against the war on Saturday, to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the war in Iraq.

How do you protest something that is pretty much over? I understand that lots of people did not support the war. I don't agree with them, but they are entitled to their opinions, and I think it is good to have debate over such important issues, and that there were legitimate arguments against the war. How standing around downtown Baltimore screaming that BUSH=HITLEER accomplishes this I'm not so sure, but whatever.

So I can see protesting it two years ago. I don't see the point of protesting it now. We defeated Saddam and had elections. We're winding up. You can argue that the benefits of the war were not worth the cost, but how do you protest something that already happened? Do you think that your protest will cause the US to leave Iraq post haste and put Saddam back in power? Do you really think Iraq, the US, and the world would be better off for that?

I thought about seeing if Protest Warrior was going to be there, maybe bring the digital camera and get some nice pictures of hippies with signs for this blog. Except (and aside from mad anthony's concerns about his physical safety) the protest is on a Saturday, and mad anthony works overtime on Saturday. See, I'm trying to get my little piece of the American Dream - a house and a nice car or two - and that means working whenever I can.

I think that protesters like the kind that will probably be in downtown Baltimore tonight probably do more harm to their cause than FOX, Rush, and NRO combined. People who are pro-Iraq, on the fence, or slightly anti-war have better things to do on a Saturday than go to a protest - things like work, sleeping in, going to the kid's soccer gam, fixing up the house, or reading a book. They look at protesters and don't see themselves - they see some college student or aging hippie who looks nothing like them, and they start to see that person's view as out of the mainstream.


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