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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yet another terrorist tape...

Ayman al-Zawahiri has released another tape about how he's going to destroy us all and the like. Do you notice that when actual terrorist attacks (ie 9/11) happened, they didn't announce them? And that every time a tape comes out, nothing happens? These tapes are almost a sign that the terrorists don't have anything planned or going on, so they need to talk. Think of it as a Microsoft press release.

Al-Z uses the tape to complain that the U.S will model Iraqi reforms on prisons for terrorists:

He said that reform proposed by Washington would be based on the US prison camps in Cuba and in Afghanistan (news - web sites), as well as the Iraqi prison of Abu Ghraib, where US troops' abuse of Iraqi prisoners shocked the world.

The funny thing is that is probably accurate - and a sign of how things in Iraq are improving. See, when Saddam was in power, prison was not just for criminals, it was for anyone that Saddam disagreed with. This included children of political dissidents. And prison was often followed by torture and death. And it was real torture - cutting off limbs, throwing off buildings, running through paper shredders - not putting panties on your head and laughing at you.

So if we have replaced Saddam's prisons, which imprisoned political prisoners and tortured them, with prisons that contain terrorists, and where treatment, if not perfect, is way more humane than Saddam's ever where, I think we are doing pretty good.


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